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I've created this website to not only share my writing
but to help others with their problems.

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I don’t understand the stereotypes. People think that self-harm is only caused by a blade; that only emo’s or screw ups do it, but their wrong. Self-harm is when a 14 year old boy hides out in his room and pinches his stomach till it bruise, because he wants his dad back. Self-harm is when a 17 year old girl refuses to go swimming because on her hips she has scars from her nails picking and pulling skin. Self-harm is more than just an action, it’s an emotion that I hope you never have to bare. It’s what a 9 year old does in the middle of science class, his teachers dismissing his short nails to be boredom. Self-harm is when you look in the mirror and scream out every imperfection you see, even though no matter your history you are beautiful. Self-harm is not the words that come out of your bullies mouth but instead the thoughts of ‘I know I’m fat” or “Maybe a little more make up.’ Its losing a lot of weight just to fit in or become popular, but always remember I’m willing to be your friend. Maybe I’m wrong but you should put some thought into your words, because truthfully speaking everyone of us has self-harmed, but were all exactly who we need to be.


I hope by reading this you'll learn to love yourself and accept all that you are. If you ever need to talk know that I am here to listen.


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